The Future of Model-based Testing

Speaker: Jan Peleska, Universität Bremen, Saarbrücken, Germany

Friday 17 March 2023, 14:00, Room 1Z56

Abstract: Since the 1970s, model-based testing (MBT) has been comprehensively investigated in the research communities, and its industrial application has been fostered for at least two decades. Though convincing success stories about MBT have been published, we have to admit that its acceptance in industry is still not as good as it should be. This is reflected, for example, by the facts that commercial MBT tools are not selling as well as had been originally envisaged by the “campaigners of MBT” (such as myself) and that MBT has not been integrated into the verification plans of the key players in the embedded systems world.

In the first part of this presentation, I will analyse the reasons for this limited success. In the second part, I will we advocate a novel combination of different existing test approaches in order to create a method of applying “MBT without writing models”...

Extended Abstract