A Junior Professor position in Quantum Information at LMF

Université Paris-Saclay is about to open a Junior Professor position in Quantum Information with

The delays will be short, so here is a first informal announcement.

French is not required. Some research experience after the PhD is recommended.

Theoretical physicists and mathematicians are most welcome to apply, especially if their research themes complement those of the team (distributed models of quantum computing, quantum programming languages, digital quantum simulation...) and open bridges with the rest of the quantum activities at Paris-Saclay. They should, however, be willing to embrace a research+teaching career within Computer Science departments and labs, and will be asked to propose a thoroughly argued integration project.

The appointment is divided into two periods:

  • First period (<6 years):
    • Junior Professor 6 years contract
    • 64 hours of teaching/year
    • ~200KEUR ANR project for funding PhDs/postdocs/travels
  • Second period :
    • Full Professor permanent position
    • 192 hours of teaching/year

For more information, please contact Pablo Arrighi, head of the QuaCS project.